Discussion topic: Having to reboot Sky Q box daily

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Having to reboot Sky Q box daily

My Sky Q box is about 5 years old. I have an HDMI Extender that sends my UHD signal via a cat 7 ethernet cable from my Sky Q box HDMI port to a HDMI receiver into my UHD Samsung UE49NU7500 TV in my extension about 15 metres away. This has worked fine for last 4 years, but this last year the Sky Q box has been getting really hot and we now get a regular 'jumping' or 'stutter' in the sound/picture which is really annoying and continues unless we power off the Sky Q box and rebooted it. This is now happening pretty much every day. Has anyone else had a similar problem? I'm thinking of phoning Sky to ask for a new box. Another issue is that the box regularly loses the 2160p UHD picture resolution setting in Audio Visual which is also annoying.

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Re: Having to reboot Sky Q box daily

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I'd suggest logging the problem and booking a swap out: don't mention the extender though because that will just complicate things.

Remember to retrieve the Viewing Card before handing the box over.

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