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sky mobile number change

hi ave just got a new mobile phone thru my sky it's an iphone my old phone was an iphone too so i managed to transfer everything over via my ipad including taking my old number with me but even though my phone is working when i activated my sim on my sky app it needed a pac number from old phone i text the number they gave me but it came up message failure. so couldn't get pac  number so sky is saying my new number instead of my old number what can i do to get it changed 


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Re: sky mobile number change

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You can't use a pac code to move a number from one Sky sim to another Sky sim so if you want to keep your number just insert you sim from your old iPhone into your new one. You will then need to call Sky and ask them to cancel this new sim that you activated otherwise you will be paying for two. The number to call them on is just 150 and say nothing when asked about your call as the bot should the route your call to an advisor.

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