sky mobile has stopped working

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sky mobile has stopped working

After 6 months of joining sky mobile I now cannot send or receive texts or phone calls. I can connect to internet on my bt broadband no problems. 

When I select Sky network, 'registering on sky' spins for ages, then says cannot connect. APN settings have changed, I have tried resetting them and clicking 'save' but this does not save. I have also switched phone off umpteen times. I requested APN settings to be sent to my phone, but as texts are not working, I cannot receive this.

Any suggestions. TIA

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Re: sky mobile has stopped working

It might be worth you trying to create the apn settings yourself, depending on what phone you have got it will be something like this:


Mobile Data > Access Point Names > Create New Access Point...

Name: Sky Mobile Internet

Save and RESTART phone. 


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Re: sky mobile has stopped working

Hi, thanks for your help. Managed eventually to get through to Sky, they're sending a new sim as I have tried all suggestions and nothing is working. 

PS phone works with hubby's sim card

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