iPhone locked to sky

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Re: iPhone locked to sky

This was key in helping me to figure out the problem with my phone.


Once I understood the first-sim-in-phone-sim-locks-the-phone-in-settings, I was able to figure out that if I restored the phone to factory settings, the lock (that nobody would speak of) should disappear. I did and it did. 



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Re: iPhone locked to sky

Glad you have it fixed, you are right in that an unlocked Sky phone will then lock the phone to Sky but usually this can be overcome by resetting the network settings but pleased to read you have sorted it and hopefully your posts might help others who have similar issues.


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Re: iPhone locked to sky

Absolutely. Thanks. 


Yes, I agree. That’s why I commented again after I figured it out. It can be hard to know what to search for when you’re not quite sure why your phone won’t work. 


Thanks for your comments Smiley Happy

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Re: iPhone locked to sky

No fancy iphone here: Nokia c2-01

i've been reading this discussion and hope  someone can help please!

Had  phone years and want to take number from Orange PAYG to sky with SKY sim.

got unlock code and PAK code.

thought i'd unlock first before anything else. .

(email stated: no sim in, but EE advisor stated new sim in) 

 So took orange sim out, used 1 of 2 unlock codes - came up 'error' repeated with 2nd code and the same thing happened.

So inserted SKY sim to try that way. The screen read 'SKY' as it started up then when on home screen showed 'no service'. Does that mean the phone is now unlocked or was already unlocked and i could then have activated my sim card and filled in the 'keep my number' section?

didn't dare try it as hubby needed phone today.

so, assuming 'First sim in locks it' will it have locked again to Orange (as it worked once Orange sim back in) and i now need to try the unlok code again as by putting theSKY sim in again it doesn't read SKY  now when starting up but just 'no service' (as sim not activated)

or did it not unlock because the unlock codes didn't work and i need to go bavk to orange/EE for assistance or do i start again: try unlock codes without sim first, if no success put sky sim in and try unlock codes that way?





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Re: iPhone locked to sky



Well, I recently purchased an iPhone X from EE and it’s locked.

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Re: iPhone locked to sky

I got miy iphone X  from three, and like all there phones its ulocked to any network.

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