can't recieve calls

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can't recieve calls

New sky mobile customer, came over from 3/three mobile as been tv broadband etc customer for 8+ years but having a worse time with Sky than I was with 3.....

I can't recieve calls from anyone else apart for sky mobile customers (my wife only). 

Have since lost out on work and havd to buy a temp phone and number to catch up. 


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Re: can't recieve calls

Might you suffering with a .....  PAC Code issue ..........?  

Have you recently Retained your Old  Mobile Number & switched it to your New Sky SIM/Phone?  [ If so ... Read on ....]




OK. Not sure if this applies to you as you don't mention this, but did you Retain your old number from your old 3 Mobile and switch it to your Sky one?


If so, this might apply to you? ..... I recently transferred the wife's old number from her EE Phone account using a PAC Code and the online Sky 'Transfer my number' system and the following occurred .....

First I registered the SIM Sky provided and accordingly the new phone was given a New Number which I used along with the EE provided PAC Code and it only took 24 hours to be switch ....... the Old (EE) number to the new Sky phone.


Whilst doing this, she then started to use her New Sky mobile with what we thought was No Issues that following evening, setting it up, updating the software etc ........ but the next day (after a nights sleep) we had problems! 

She could Text [send/receive], access our home BB Connection but could not make out going calls!  (also at this point we had had no calls to her phone that we knew of!)

So I then tried using my Sky Mobile to call hers and it was a bit Hit & Miss to begin ......... more ''Miss''  TBH, so I tried our home land-line phone (antique that it is now) and that too could not get through .... all I got was the automated message saying 'this user/number (or whatever)  was unable to take your call, please leave a voice message ... blah, blah - blah'


I then did the usual ... hunting everywhere for help (none from Sky!) .... but I did find mentioned on another companies phone forum that when you transfer your number via a PAC Code you can have issues such as this for a few days!  And it's a case of just having to wait for it to sort it's self out!


Fortunately for us (touch wood) a day on .... the phone now seems fine and works as it should.  Hope this helps?


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