Discussion topic: Upgraded data package and got new SIM

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Upgraded data package and got new SIM

I received a flyer with more than double the data for the same price i am currently paying on my mobile so i thought why not, thinking this would be a really simple process and Sky's end just to add the extra data to my package. Apparantly not. 


I received a new Sim in the post and i cannot for the life of me work out whether this is a "new Sim" activation or a "replacement Sim" activation and having been to both pages, it is clear as mud. 


I don't want to change my number, i've had this one for 20+ years and i'm kind of fond of it, but can't get a PAC as already a sky customer, so can't activate it as a new Sim. But equally it's not a replacement Sim as that would imply like for like. 


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


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Re: Upgraded data package and got new SIM

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The data deal you ordered is for a new sim meaning that once activated you would be paying for it as well as your existing one. 


You could try calling Sky to see if they will apply it to your current sim.


The other work around would be to get a sim against your current sim to move it to a PAYG network, then get another pac code to move the number to this new sim with this data deal on it.

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