Discussion topic: Unable to activate new SIM - Calling 150 hasn't helped

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Unable to activate new SIM - Calling 150 hasn't helped



I decided to upgrade my phone in December and replaced my current 10GB mix with a cheaper 4GB one as I never use this amount of data. 


My new phone was received in January and new sim along with it. I followed the steps on sky's instructions in activiating the new sim however an error message appeared. I rang 150 on Monday 15th January. They tried to activite it also but were unable to due also. I was told it looked like a system glitch and someone would call me back on Weds 17th. No one did. I have rang again today and was told they couldnt connect as the activation code had been entered too many times????!! I was advised the only solution was to add another sim card to my account (it looks to be at a higher price per the email I've been sent this afternoon). Does anyone know why/how this can happen? 


I have 21 days left of the cooling period and will be sending everything back if this sim doesnt work. 


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