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Swap is a nightmare


im new to posting on here but really unsure how to proceed. I purchased a new iPhone 15 pro last month and agreed to swap my old phone (iPhone 13 pro). At the time of purchase I received a valuation of £449 for my old phone. However since iPhone 15 was out of stock I didn't recieve the phone with the swap packaging for nearly 1 month later. In that time my swap has been cancelled. As I went on to reregister the swap my phone is now valued at £279 the same amount left on my contract leaving me with £0 equity. I have seen other people selling the same phone for £500+ and feel like this is a bit unfair considering it wasn't my fault the phone was out of stock. Oh and not to mention even though I posted my phone last Wednesday I've still not had any confirmation, so worried it's lost in transit. Has anyone had anything similar happen to them? @Skymobile1 



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Re: Swap is a nightmare

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Have you called Sky and explained them to this to see what they say, 150 is the free number to use.


If they can't help then there is this site that you could see what it will give you for it:



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Re: Swap is a nightmare

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Hi @Katie922  there are lots of services out there that do trade ins for phones, always check those before sending off to sky, you will more often than not get a better deal with them. 

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Re: Swap is a nightmare

Thanks. I did contact sky and found them to be really unhelpful. Quite disappointing. Since I posted this post my phone has been received by sky and processed according to the new and much lower valuation. Feel really annoyed! Also asked for my device to be returned they said this couldn't be an option. I think it's only fair that I sent my phone away under the pretence that I would have received the higher amount. If I knew it would have been so low I would have sold elsewhere 😞 

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Re: Swap is a nightmare

Appreciate it's frustrating, I've got a 'Swap' contract with Sky and don't bother doing it their way. Less hassle for me is just to order the new phone when I want, wait for it to arrive, then sell the old phone (which will always be for more than what Sky value it at), then pay off the old contract.


Sometimes this might involve paying a little extra just to full pay it off, but it's much quicker and less hassle than Swap which just seems to have long delays and backlogs.


As for the difference in valuation - this is the same for any phone recycling company. Your old phone will be worth more before the new device launches, and worth a lot less after - even if its just a few weeks. 


This is because everyone is doing the same thing - trading in/upgrading/selling the older models to get the newer one so this drives the price down. Phone companies also know people want to upgrade so have the upper hand when it comes to offering a price.


Bottom line is - the best way to upgrade is to either trade it in well before the new device launches to get a decent price (appreciate you will be without a phone for a while), or sell your old phone separately after you get the new one.


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