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Sky dispute

I have had a nightmare with sky since they gave me this phone. It has been hell for 2 years and faulty since day 1.
For the past 2 years I have been going through this dispute with them.

My phone is my son lifeline and I mean his LITERAL lifeline.

It was constantly out of service with no signal so I was receiving no calls or texts etc I could be outside miles away and still have no signal.

Sky tried to blame the phone being faulty and have admitted on multiple occasions that the phone is faulty and that they haven't been giving me the correct service.

i've had their tech team look at the phone twice with no difference to the phone. We've changed the sim multiple times and it's still the same.

i do pay insurance on this phone too.

I've been a loyal customer and never been behind on payments even though the phone doesn't work to its full potential.

i am at a point where this phone with the none service is causing me severe mental stress and sky have not an ounce of sympathy to switch the phone.

They told me I would need to pay money for an early swap aswell as the bill for this phone which will be placed on a new phone. Surely there has to be something in the contract that makes the contract null and void if they haven't been providing me with a service since I received the phone but yet I've continued to pay??

They also wanted the phone back to "repair it" but yet they wouldn't provide a loan phone as to make sure that my sons doctors and care providers could be in contact with us at all times.

They said a repair could take weeks and were expecting me to go and buy another phone but to continue paying for a phone that wouldn't be in my possession.

can anyone please help a stressed mother who just wants a working phone.



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Re: Sky dispute

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Sky doesn't loan out phones so if this does need to be sent off to be repaired then you will need to find one yourself that you can use in the meantime so do you not know of anyone that has a spare unlocked phone you can use with your sim ?

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Re: Sky dispute

I just left Sky for similar issues because we couldn't make/receive calls. Same lack of empathy or understanding. Any how, what phone does he have and how old is it as there may be other options? Otherwise they do kind of have you against a wall in the sense that they absolutely have a contractual obligation to provide you with a working product, failing to do some puts them in breach of their contract and of your consumer rights, especially when something is under a credit agreement like a phone contract "legally" the phone belongs to the creditors which is Sky who in turn have an obligation to ensure you are getting what your paying for so they are liable 2 fold. That being said you do have to allow them to fix the phone; however you shouldn't be paying for it whilst you don't have it so I would ensure you keep note of how long things haven't worked for. Ofcom and Trading Standards can both help with the fact Sky are not upholding there end of the deal though 


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