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Since the 4th June

I ported my number to Sky Mobile on 4th June. Didn't fully transfer over and there have been issues. 

Since Friday morning, (the 7th June) I can no longer make or receive calls. I hear "the person you are calling is on another call" I can assure you they are not! Called my house phone and got the same message when I was home. 


Ive been fobbed off and told it's an issue with a mast in my  local area. I had to go to Manchester today which is 30 miles away. Tried to make a call. Guess what? Same message "person you are calling is on the phone"


To cap it all of all I put my post code into the Sky post code checker they say the issue has been fixed!


And yes I've turned my phone off countless times and done all the settings change. 

Basically I've not had a phone since Tuesday afternoon and sky don't seem bothered. They don't appear to grasp that this is a systemic issue as countless customers are experiencing the same issues. Basically having a phone that can only send WhatsApp or iMessages over Wi-Fi. The moment you leave the house the phone is useless. 


Regret leaving O2 now. 




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Re: Since the 4th June

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It does appear that from what you have said you have been fobbed off as I don't think this will be a mast issue but will need reporting to Sky to it can be investigated so it might be worth calling them again to do this. Ir you can use social media (links at the bottom of the page) if you have not got another phone.

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Re: Since the 4th June

I've logged a complaint this morning. I can't face having the same conversation on the phone again, being told to turn my phone on and off.


I just wish that Sky would grasp that there is wider issue here.  I've read countless threads on here where people are experiencing the same issue.  It's not a "coverage issue with your local mast". 

Does Sky Mobile use Vodafone? I only ask as my daughter has contract phone with Vodafone and has not had any issues. 


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