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S24 ultra and problems with sky

I spent two hours on the phone with sky mobile so I could return the phone and they gave me another one for the same monthly price and they simply don't want to offer me the same price they say the offer no longer exists, when I 'm in my first days and the phone has problems


I made a pre-order for the s24 ultra 512gb for 45 pounds a month and the phone came with problems now they don't want me to exchange it for another one and pay the same monthly price


Give me credit in my account i already spent money on screen protectors , cases and give me a new phone with the same price monthly


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Re: S24 ultra and problems with sky

Posted by a Superuser, not a Sky employee. Find out more

We are customers here so there is not much we can say other than to point out if the data plan no longer exists then they can't offer it to you as the plans and pricing for them changes on a regular basis

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