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Please help

I have been a long time Sky user and set up a new not profit organisation last year - as part of this I took out a contract for a iPad and Work Phone - Unfortunately I had to stop this due to not being able to make it pay, general financial difficulties, I have been covering the payments through the remainder of the money in the account, but this month there isn't any finances there to cover it. I'm unsure how I'm going to pay bill or how to manage this moving forward - Business was a limited one and the payments are coming from this account, but I attached the plans onto my own personal account and I'm worried I'm going to be liable for paying for them but I don't need the products and I am not in a financial position personally to cover this - they have both had the smallest amount of use and I really don't know what to do. Has anyone got any suggestions? @Sky 


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Re: Please help

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@Emred1  Sky services are for domestic use only unless you took out the appropriate business account 


Unfortunately you are liable for any payments due 


all you can do is contact sky and discuss your options but don't be surprised if they say there is nothing they can do 

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Re: Please help

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@Emred1 Im afraid you will be personally liable for the remaining balances on both devices, the agreements made would have been personal ones as Sky Mobile doesn't offer any business grade services or credit.

Closing down a limited company that you used the devices for has no bearing on personal credit agreements or your obligation to pay them.

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