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Number swap

I have just joined sky mobile and wanted my number to stay the same, I have had an email today saying the swap has taken place, how long does it take because my messages to people don’t say me and I can’t receive calls yet, even though the email says I have my old number.

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Re: Number swap

Did YOU physically transfer your number from your old provider using the PAC Code and the  Transfer My Number portal under your Sky Account ? ....... [Manage My Account, then MOBILE ... scroll down to Keep My Number and click on that.  Then just below that box a New section opens to enter the number your changing, the PAC Code and the number you wish to Retain].


Once you do the above, it normally takes 24 hours to swap over (from the old provider to Sky) and then for a few days (or not if your lucky) it may take time to 'settle down'?  You may find you can send a Text but not a call and you can't receive calls either!  (just went through the same and in total it took 48 hours to finalise).


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