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New Sim not Working

I had issues with calls dropping and was advised to get a new sim. The sim arrived, I went through the instructions, activated the new sim then inserted it into my phone. My phone has no signal, no network, nothing. I now have something called a business line and secondary line. I have been through all the switching on and off, switching to airplane mode, resending network settings. Nothing is working. I have also chatted with sky live chat and the person wasn't helpful at all and unable to resolve the issue. I need this fixed asap. 


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Re: New Sim not Working

Posted by a Sky employee

Hi there, I’ve escalated your post to our Community Messaging team who will invite you to a private chat shortly and help you with this. 

Just look out for the colourful bubble to start the conversation.

Here's more information on how Community Messaging works - https://helpforum.sky.com/t5/Did-you-know/Escalating-a-post-to-a-Sky-expert/ba-p/3711147

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Re: New Sim not Working

I've had similar issues the new sim is working but the calls are still dropping and the quality Is rubbish spoke to someone on Saturday who promised to call me back and I'm still waiting 🤦🏼‍♀️


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