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My mobile booking status

Dear sir 

yesterday I book my I phone 15 pro max and submitted all related documents and also signs all agreements after approve my credit so why are you so my mobile order is cancelled kindly give valuable reward

thank you 

Ravi bhatia 



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Re: My mobile booking status

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It’s possible you may have failed the required credit check(s). For a sim only deal there is a soft credit check. For a device as well Sky do carry out a second, more thorough check. Also, emails confirming or cancelling the order sometimes arrive out of sequence. See this link for Skys guidance ~
Be aware that if you keep trying to order the device this could further impact your credit score. If you contact Sky they would be able to confirm that’s the reason your order was cancelled but not why you failed the credit check in the first place as they are not allowed to view your credit record. You would have to sign up to a credit reference agency like Experian or Equifax, which would give you access to your credit record.

Any initial payment you’ve made should hopefully be refunded after about 14 days.

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