Discussion topic: Mobile signal progressively getting worse and worse?

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Mobile signal progressively getting worse and worse?

I have been with Sky Mobile for a couple of years now and have also transferred two other family members over to Sky just over 18 months ago.


Up until say last summer/early Autumn we have generally been quite happy with the signal in/around our house, in the local town centre, or at work and when visiting London.

But over the past 4-5 months we have found far too often that the signal indicator has an exclamation mark next to it, we can't make calls, and/or internet access is very slow. Quite often, we find that a call has gone straight to voicemail.

We have also been traveling - checking out our locations for our future home - around Oxfordshire - e.g. Oxford, Abingdon, Didcot etc.

In these locations as well we find the signal is pretty hit and miss - even in the town centres of the above locations.

Last month, I upgraded from a Pixel 7 to a Pixel 8 and my wife has from a Pixel 3a to a 6a a few months back- so we can't say it's a problem with our phones.

We have tried rebooting the phone, disabling the sim, renabling, and turning Airplane mode on/off - but these do not seem to help.

It's most frustrating when traveling and the live Google Maps won't work - because there is no signal - and I am in the town center - not on some remote village road. I do have the maps downloaded - but it's not the same - at least once, we planned a route and then had to stop and adjust the route once the signal was restored - as there was congestion now being reported.

Likewise, if we get separated in the Town center shops and cant reach each other - argh!

When my son is with us (he is on EE) - he always seems to have a better signal than the three of us Sky users.


Has anybody else noticed the gradual degradation of Sky mobile?

I am seriously counting the weeks to my contract end date - so I can switch to something else. I dont particularly want to - I really like the Piggybank service and the cheaper roaming service etc of Sky.





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Re: Mobile signal progressively getting worse and worse?



I am glad you have mentioned this as we have just joined sky in November and although we checked the coverage of our area and it had said that we were in a "good" area for phone signal, we cannot get any signal at all!!


Our area is known to be poor for signal, however, we were with EE before and had much better signal than we have now! 

We have done the same (as advised by sky) to turn our mobiles on and off etc, wait a number of weeks whilst the signal

adjusts as we are new customers - but nothing has helped! 
I thought I was going crazy given it said that our area, under sky mobile, had good signal, yet we can't pick up even 1 bar of signal!! 

I wished we had stayed with our last mobile providers - we only went with sky as it was cheaper due to a deal they were doing but if we cannot use our phones due to signal, we are wasting money anyway!!


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Re: Mobile signal progressively getting worse and worse?

I've been with Sky for many years and have noticed a gradual degradation of coverage for the last 2-3 years. 

I also have a Vodafone work phone and signal issues are almost non-existent. Every time I have a problem with my Sky mobile, the Vodafone work phone is fine.


These signal issues are seemingly widespread and severe as I run into issues frequently (unless I'm very unlucky). I've noticed that I have issues in places that were previously ok so something has 100% changed.


All my family are on Sky and every single one of them complains about it.


Frankly, it's really poor.






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