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Re: Mobile Data Usage

Hi @Jynxy - I think what you said there was that data settings on your device figures are not matching with the itemised breakdown on the billing area for your mobile. This might be something to contact us about although it may be something that takes a while to get to the bottom of.

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Re: Mobile Data Usage

Ive reset settings etc, even installed another app to check and both what sky says and the app are well out.


The app uses a vpn, so all traffic is diverted through that. 


Not really impressed with sky mobile so far, half the standard features are missing and using extra data.

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Re: Mobile Data Usage

I started  in February and 5th May is the first time I have looked at my usage. I use between 100mb and 250mb per month, yet by Sky I have used over a GB each month. I only have the 2Gb package. But if this is how they treat customers I'm going back to GiffGaff


Does anyone know where they get their figures from?? Also can they give you a list of when it was used and how much was used each time, similar to a phone call??


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Re: Mobile Data Usage

@Newhockey wrote:

Also can they give you a list of when it was used and how much was used each time


Not sure about when the data was used but you can check what apps are using what data on your device itself in the mobile settings section.


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Re: Mobile Data Usage

Im having ghebsame issue. Its deleiving me mad. I have four sims ans on EE we were using about 1gb each per month. Now we havw 2gb each ans we are running out of data half way through a month. Shocking. 

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Re: Mobile Data Usage

Same issues here. 


Our family have three sim only deals with Sky, which we moved from Vodafone. When on Voda, one phone NEVER went over 500mb per month in over 3 years, and the other never over 2.5gb per month in the same time. The third, 2gb a month. 


I moved to Sky in the beginning of May, and I had to add an extra Gb to the first phone, 5gb to the second and 1gb to the third within 2 weeks of activating. This needs sorting Sky....

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Re: Mobile Data Usage

Sorry about the double post, but I can't see a way to edit the last post...

Just called Sksy about this, and the guy at the other end said that it can't be a network issue as "Sky Mobile uses the same amount of data as any other network", and wouldn't even try to explain why the usage exploded immediatly after the sim cards were swapped.


Well, I'm going to test out if there really is a difference. I still have a contract with Voda running on an iPhone SE(was going to swap to Sky when it ended, but thinking twice about it now). I'm going to make sure it has the exact apps and settings as one of the  other phones(also SEs) and reset the data counter at the exact same time. 


After a week, I'm  going to double check how much each phone has used. I know it won't be mega accurate, but will be near as dam it...

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Re: Mobile Data Usage

I was right on the verge of taking up the iPhone X deal Sky are offering but, having read this thread I think i'll stay with my iPhone 6 and O2 package.

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Re: Mobile Data Usage

Right choice as I have a 3 year contract so I'm stuck with Sky but never again will I trust Sky

@Denise+Lowe wrote:

Ok now Im really confused here. I am into my third month with sky mobile and to ensure I have plenty of data have 5gb every month. The last couple of months I havnt used all the allowance but this month for some reason all my 5gb of data has gone in just 10 days. Anyone else had a simular issue? I have checked my mobile account online and basically its telling me that nealry 3gb has gone in the last 24 hours. Im really cheesed off as I have no idea how this has happened. Any ideas anyone?


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Re: Mobile Data Usage

We got a new phone a couple of weeks ago and it's eating data, it's an iPhone 8 that's used by my daughter. Her old phone was an iPhone 7 and she never had an issue with data usage, she's really strict with herself but this new phone has gone through a GB in a couple of days! The settings are the same as her old phone and after contacting Sky (twice) about we've been advised to return the phone but it could be up to 14 days between sending this one back and receiving the replacement. Not particularly happy at the moment. 😤

Anyone have any other solutions, thinking about going to my nearest Apple store to see what they can advise but that's a 50 mile round trip. 

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Re: Mobile Data Usage

I want to add my annoyance to this subject too! For the last few months I’ve been consistently using up my data for no apparent reason too. I was with another mobile provider for over 5 years and never had an issue with my data usage! 😠

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Re: Mobile Data Usage

I have warned countless people , family, friends and work colleauge about this issue. Sky need to sort this out because I will continue to warn people. I'm so annoyed I will be getting rid of Sky tv when my contract expires soon

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Re: Mobile Data Usage

Some things to try (sorry this is a bit iPhone biased but maybe others will be able to help with Android equivalent). 


  • Switch off cellular data for apps that aren't necessary or you don't use much or that you might just open as part of your habit of opening apps just for the sake of opening them. 
  • iCloud drive apparently syncs files over data - so you can stop it doing that.
  • Wifi assist - switched to data if your WiFi signal is poor. Could be one to disable.
  • Don't allow apps to update over cellular data. Most app updates can wait until you are home. 
  • Disable loading of remote images in the mail client. If I have my work emails attached to my personal phone and I'm on holiday for example... if I refresh it can sometimes sync hundreds of emails. Then if I inevitably go in and check an email the image loading will cost in data. 
  • You can reduce the quality of images sent via iMessage as well. 
  • Disable background app refresh. I think this comes standard alongside battery saver mode. 
  • Possibly try disabling cellular data for streaming services like Spotify etc. 
  • disabling autoplay videos in Twitter and Facebook is an old classic. You can also disable autoplay in the App store I believe. 
  • Check your mail app outbox. Apparently, if an email is stuck there it will continually attempt to send therefore using your data.

I would also like to add that none of these tips are really my own work - just from Googling. 



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Re: Mobile Data Usage

It seems a little random, we have three iPhone 8s but its only the latest one we have that seems to have an issue with data usage, looks like the phone is going back after discussing the issue with a Sky advisor yesterday and being talked through what the settings should be. The phone is set up as per the iPhone 7 it replaced and, I may add didn't have any issues but was on O2, the settings are very similar to my phone, which doesn't seem to use ridiculous amounts of date so we've been told it must be the phone so we are in the process of returning it.

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Re: Mobile Data Usage

I seem to have a problem with the data usage shown on my bill too.

I'm new to sky mobile & only joined at the start of may with the 500mb tariff.
Whenever i checked during the entire first month, the data usage shown in the mysky app always matched what my phone was reporting.
Then today i look in the app & it's all gone wrong...

May usage reported by phone - 19.15mb (so around 480mb should have gone in the piggybank).
Piggybank - 1.46GB (1GB reward + only 460mb from last month).

June usage reported by phone - 67.09mb.
June usage reported by mysky bill - 121mb.
Note for june i have had mobile data totally switched off apart from a few hours yesterday & until i switched it on both the phone & mysky bill were showing 0mb.

So what on earth has gone wrong there?

Just realised from the desktop site that there's one rather important word missing from the data usage page of the mysky app... "Left"
So i have 121mb of 500mb left?
All used in a few hours & when my phone states i've only used 67.09mb?
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