MMS APN settings for Nokia 3310 3G (2018)

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MMS APN settings for Nokia 3310 3G (2018)

In case this helps anyone else, I've finally been successful in configuring MMS messaging on my Nokia 3310 3G (2018 model) on Sky Mobile. A few problems include not receiving apn settings via txt message, not being able to select my specific Nokia device on the Sky device settings page, not getting the right information from Sky phone support (although I appreciate the help I was given, it just didn't work), and finding pages online but with APN settings for a 3310 that my model/OS version just doesn't have.


I pieced this together by combining the info in this giffgaff forum post with this Team Knowhow page after googling around. Here is what is working for me today.


Enable mobile data

Settings -> Connectivity -> Network Settings -> Mobile Data (enabled)


Configure Access Point (APN) for MMS

Settings -> Connectivity -> Access Points

Add an access point with 

Name: Sky MMS (note the name could be anything you like)

Username: (empty)

Password: (empty)

Access Point:


Port: 9028

Set home page:

DNS address: (empty)

Network type: HTTP

IP type: IPv4


Finally, under Messages, select the Message Settings -> MMS -> SIM access point, select the name of the access point you created above (eg Sky MMS).


 Hope this helps someone else out.