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Going around in circles!

Hello .


I'm getting really frustrated here.

Almost 2 weeks ago I got a sim contract with Sky through the black Fri deals.

The sim didn't arrive when it should've.  Waited a few days and re ordered.  That hadn't come.  I guess it might be Royal mails fault here. I've complained to royal mail too. 

BUT I was told on webchat on friday when I complained that my second one hadn't come through, that a Third SIM and a paper copy of contract as requested would come Via Dpd and that I would get it by this afternoon ( monday). NO SIM!  

So on the phone again tonight. A lady assured once again that I'd get it via dpd within 2 days. I asked for a text or email confirmation she said it would take 2 mins to come through and Nothing has come through!

Once again I rang. To be told that they Do not send Sim cards with DPD! 

I asked the guy why I was been given this misinformation as I have been waiting for DPD. So he's filed a complaint I got the ref number.

But I've also filed a complaint just incase he didn't!

The guy told me he's reordered another Sim and I asked for a confirmation and he said it will be with you in a bit via email. And Nothing!

I go onto my account under 'orders' to find that the one I originally reordered had been deleted! and only the first one is there now. There definitely was 2 on there with 2 activation statuses.  No others reordered. Why did they delete it?  And no confirmation email of this sim being sent. Still!

I've been hours upon hours sorting this out on phone, webchat and sky help on twitter.  And webchat doesn't even email you the transcript of the conversations so I've had to copy and paste into word documents.  


Im losing the will to live! 


Is there anywhere I could take this further if need be if I don't have any joy from complaints department? 

Thanks all for reading I've never been through such poor customer service.






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