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Can’t activate SIM


I recently bought a new device and plan. Just tried to activate my SIM card, went on the website, clicked "activate sim" and got an message saying "we're still activating your sim". The thing is, I haven't even typed the activation code yet or anything? It won't let me do it. Tried chatting to the virtual assistant (what a waste of time) and nothing. Tried ringing and it's an automated voice asking lots of pointless questions and then telling me to go online for answers anyway. I'm a first time sky customer and so far it's been shocking.  Customer service is non existent, are there any actual humans working for Sky at all? 


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Re: Can’t activate SIM

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When calling Sky (which is what you will need to do) when the bot asks you these questions say nothing as it should then direct you to an advisor.

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Re: Can’t activate SIM

Hi, thanks for your reply. 

it didn't work. It kept asking me to choose an option/specify why I'm calling, and then it rang off. 

how do I speak to a human please?😩


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