4g speeds

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4g speeds

Just transferred to sky after a disastrous time with Vodafone.  

First impressions, how slow are the 4G speeds!!

3mb maximum in different towns, making watching Netflix / Amazon on the go impossible with buffering and pauses. Driving me mad. 

Whats the point of a 10gb data plan when I probably won’t get to use it. 

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Re: 4g speeds

Speeds will vary due to time of day, numbers connected to the mast, the mast/area your connected to, the website your using (volume of traffic) and various other things. Personally when I connect to 4G I’ve had speeds varying between 2 meg and 30 meg and I’m sure others will have seen faster!

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Re: 4g speeds

I have had the same issue with two sky iPhone 8 Plus, I visited the Apple Store did a full diagnostic on my phone it’s is perfect, they found that  I had 20 dropped out calls in 205 calls with sky provider.

The  Apple   Advisor for my Sim card into his identical phone to mine and  the same speed of 3 meg in 4G with full signal.

He replaced his sim with EE  & got 35 meg.

This proves it is Sky  mobile signal that is causing all the slow speed issues , BTW Sky mobile uses O2 network 

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