Controversial Sky Go Works.....but......

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Controversial Sky Go Works.....but......

Windows 7 & 10

I am going to be controversial here and say the app works! ......But.......

When downloaded and installed correctly, there should be no need to sort out any firewall routing as your program ie Kaspersky etc. does it automatically for you , this little application works. The picture quality is HD the sound  is insync and I love the clean interface,  so far so good.

But here's where it goes all wrong once Cisco gets its wringing hands on it, ....the....stuttering.....! at least that's what I am proposing

So Sky Well Done but get rid of cisco or find a way to implement it properly.

I've read other companies had problems with CVG,     and I have to ask why does the CVG monitor run after closing sky go there is No need for it as the app calls the process on app startup, exactly WHAT is it monitoring? and for Whom?


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