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Stuttering/motion blur

Has anyone had a problem where the picture appears to be stuttering/juttering?


it is particularly bad when


  • Banners are moving across the bottom of the screen. E.g Sky news
  • The camera is panning
  • Trying to read something 

It can cause nausea when trying to track objects on screen that are jittering.


It is almost as if its running at a lower frame rate to the sky q. 


I have this issue when using my xbox series x running at 60fps, although it's not as severe.


I have the 65" model. Wired connection with 750mbps download speeds 100 mbps upload. 


Thanks all.


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Re: Stuttering/motion blur

I am getting exactly the same on mine ?, but when playing animated film content it is reduced but not by a lot,


Motion blur is painfull when panning scenes are playing whereas the whole picture looks a complete blur, when people are moving left to right and vice versa they are blurry and really effects your viewing, surely there must be a way to compensate this from happning.


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