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Sky glass not working

Since getting this tv it has been faulty.  Remote never works even with new batteries. And tv sometimes Dosent even turn on and now it's not turning on even with the button on side. Ridiculous 


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Re: Sky glass not working

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Hi @libertyy 


Try making the following changes in the settings to help with the start up issues:


Go to Settings > Start up & Standby > turn overnight power saving to OFF and turn Network Standby mode to ON.


You can order a new remote here: https://www.sky.com/help/forms/streaming-tv-remote as there have been issues with batches of the remote.



65” Sky Glass ocean blue, Sky Live, 4 streaming pucks and EE FTTP Busiest Home (circa 1.6 Gbps download). Former Sky Q, Sky+ HD and Sky+ customer.

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