Discussion topic: Is there catch up for F1 and football on sky galss?

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Is there catch up for F1 and football on sky galss?

OK so we have just installed sky glass. After a very lengthy discussion with the sky sales person detailing all the differences between skyQ and sky glass he's not mentioned the small issue of not being able to record sports programmes!


I like football the wife loves F1 and we both work odd weekends, so recording and watching later is often our only viable option.


After another call to sky the operator offered no suggestions as to how we can now watch the sports channels at our convenience as its simply a streaming service.


Surely paying as much as we do for sports channels there has to be a way to watch what I want whwn I want (as long as I've remembered to record it)?


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Re: Is there catch up for F1 and football on sky galss?

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F1 recordings do work. If you add the Live F1 broadcast on the schedule to your playlist you will be able to access the cloud recording of the session for a period. The cloud recording tends to be replaced with the on-demand version of the broadcast once that is made available by Sky (this is normally after the full race replay at the earliest and sometimes the following day).

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