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Glass Viewing mode sound

Was playing around with viewing mode via  ... Menu button while watching Rabbit Hole on Paramount+, and noticed the sound changes too, especially on Music and Movie setting. But there is no way of changing sound on its own? So what's going on? Only settings available are, volume correction and virtual surround sound on / off. 

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Re: Glass Viewing mode sound

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@StanTheMan73 when Glass was launched it was mentioned that the Auto picture mode would select the best picture and sound for the content shown. I experimented with my own set and thesound mix does change. However you are right there are user controls beyond the bass boost and a way of improving speech. Sky did add picture controls but not sound but have never found out why.


Actually found my TV is still set to Auto which seems to work quite well but YMMV

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Re: Glass Viewing mode sound

Two years into Sky having produced Glass I'd have thought an update would have solved this by now. The sound settings for the sport viewing mode are brilliant, but the courts a bit washed it. Having a way to set vivid picture mode with a sports sound mode would be excellent. 


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