Discussion topic: Constantly having the same issues with bills

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Constantly having the same issues with bills

I made a manual payment yesterday the 11/4/2024 and at the time it was accepted and my bill said paid I went on to my app again this morning to find out that my payment had been returned so I rang by bank and was told everything was fine there side it just shows my transaction as pending and waiting for sky to take it properly so I called sky again today 12/4/2024 and I have been told that my payment has been returned and I need to wait 5-7days for it to show back in my bank wich is all well and good but the £54.20 I paid for my bill was my last £54.20 and now I've been told I need to manually pay my bill when the money shows in my bank and I've been reading on restrictions and it's reads that I could be restricted until I pay my outstanding amount and if it's over 2weeks I will have to pay my next bill aswell wich I wouldn't be able to do and don't see fair as my belief was on the 11/4/2024 that it was paid and all sorted and was told on the phone that it's paid so through no mistake of my own I could be restricted with having to pay two bills in one got to be able to not be restricted wich won't be possible of me and shouldn't be expected of me when I've done everything right can anyone please advise me 


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This message was authored by Aaron2991 This message was authored by: Aaron2991

Re: Constantly having the same issues with bills

I've also in the 2 days changed my direct debits to make sure that my payments get took easier than continues payments or what ever it's called as that's where the issue started the payment never got took on the 11/4/2024 when it was meant to so I manually paid and changed to direct debit with the same card I paid manually with that same day but after seeing that my moneys been returned I've had to change my direct debit to another account because I don't trust that future direct debits won't work with that bank of my manual payment didn't work but like I said in the first part I've done everything correct but I could be restricted now and a chance I need to pay 2 bills before I can get my restrictions lifted and they only thing I get as any compensation is £5 Tesco voucher I can't even gain access to I really need some sound advice cause I ain't being punished for skys issues 


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