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After getting a Xbox One about a year ago and investing in several sports games I’ve taken an active interest in playing sports games on the Xbox One, and thought I’d enjoy watching football, golf, etc… on the Sky Sports channels for the first time in my life.


I didn’t have an active Sky TV package with a Sky until today, as I switched it off about a year ago, but my main requirement was for the Sports channels in HD on an existing 2TB Sky+HD box yesterday.


As always it was a pleasure talking to Sky, as usual, to negotiate a new contract for Sky TV with the Sports channels all in HD. I did talk to BT Sports who were absolutely useless and wouldn’t offer any type of deal unless I switched my hybrid fibre to them, something I didn’t wish to do, for I’m very happy with hybrid fibre pro from Sky.


Well, what a deal Sky’s offering was for taking out a Sky TV family HD and Sky Sports HD package, all for £35.75 a month for a year.


Thank you to the Sky sales team for offering a great deal, all painlessly done over the phone in about 5 minutes. It's a pleasure to be a Sky TV customer again, especially as I’ve never watched sports seriously before throughout my life, and I’m looking forward to a great year of sports from Sky 🙂

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Status changed to: Mission Accomplished

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