Re: How To Send Thanks To Sky

I don't normally give good feedback, never normally have the need to.


However after being ignored by your Social media team on three occasions, fobbed off by your live chat team and going through 3-4 advisors on your Sky App (Message us service). Needless to see I was exceptionally annoyed, as nobody seemed to want to help me and I was considering looking at another provider.


Since the 8th of June, my internet had suddenly started dropping connection (very frequently). I googled what checks I should be doing, ie checking the setup, the router lights etc. I even tried checking for a dial tone, with two different phones. So needless to say, I'd done everything I could. I just needed someone from Sky to show the effort in resolving a very disappointing and frustrating issue.


Then a day and a half later, I finally got passed onto an epic human who actually did want to get to the bottom of it. Despite my frosty reception, they took on the task of getting to root of the problem.


Within minutes they were all over it, discovered there was a fault on my line (externally) and has booked for a member of BT to go out and fix it (hopefully, as I don't have a lot of faith in BT). They explained where the fault was likely to be, and it should be a fairly routine task for BT. They set all expectations very clearly, and I go away from the chat feeling positive about Sky despite the unhelpful Sky minions I spoke to/or tried to speak to before.


I believe their name to be Ciaran (App - Message Us) service. They spoke to me as if I was a human, and acted as a human too - which was extremely refreshing as opposed to the 'robot-esque' web chatters I've spoke to in the past. I could tell they are enthusastic about helping people, and they are an absolute credit to Sky.  They have just saved you a customer, and I dare bet they are doing this daily.


I would like you to give them some recognition for their excellent customer service, good rapport and general Sky knowledge. I can't praise them enough.


If you need any details from me (like account number or account details) to find out who it was. Please feel free to message me. As you need to recognise fantastic people in your company, and reward where applicable. As these gems, are what keep your company rolling and your customers happy.


Truly epic. Thanks again Ciaran.


(Messaged me at 9:33pm, GMT through 'Message Us' on Sky App).

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