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Quite possibly the best customer service experience I've ever had.


No dial tone on home phone, phoned customer service at lunch time, got through within a minute, Irish customer service assistant was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, by the time I got home from work less than four hours later the problem was fixed. Easy as that. 


Rewind to two years ago when I was with BT and had the exact same problem. I was banded about different foreign call centres & told to do the same tests on all of my equipment more than five times. Not one person I spoke to understood what was happening and had no interest in my situation. I was sick of being told my equipment at home was at fault. I had three different Open Reach engineers come out to do tests on the equipment in my home, days were wasted waiting for them to show up, sometimes not showing up at all. I eventually had to complain to the executive complaints department and write a letter to my local MP to help resolve the situation.

It took TWO MONTHS for them to solve the same problem that Sky managed to fix in under four hours. Unbelievable. 


Thank you Sky Customer Service, incredibly efficientSmiley Happy

Status changed to: Mission Accomplished
Status changed to: Mission Accomplished

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