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I would like to say a big thankyou to Janice from the broadband call centre in scotland who yesterday sorted out an issue I had with my broadband. After having a less than expected customer expereince from 2 previous call centre handlers (who both need retraining in my opinion) , plus not being called back from arranged call back appointments which included Gordon a mgr from the broadband tech team - I managed to connect with someone who  -

a)Listened to what I was saying

b)owned my issue

c)really wanted to help me

d)went past her "hometime" to ensure she sorted me out

e)kept smiling all the way through

Janice should be taken as a shining light of how to deal with customers who have issues with their broadband.

I am now awaiting a Openreach engineer visit to fix an issue which I knew needed a BT engineer in the first place as it's a recurring issue, but what do I know!

Good on you sky , bonus the good and retrain the not so good.



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Status changed to: Mission Accomplished

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