Re: How To Send Thanks To Sky

Been trying to find a way to compliment a member of staff for ages!

I spoke to Debbie on the Sky Chat function this morning and I cannot thank her enough for her help. I was looking to cancel my Sky TV subscription and downgrade my landline. She went through all the different options with me (spending a good 45 minutes, maybe more) and eventually I agreed to take a new 12 month contract on a lower price. However we were just about to complete when my daughter touched my phone and the chat closed! I was so frustrated as we'd spent so long discussing everything and to finally be nearing the end when that happened! Debbie took the time to call me on my mobile to make the changes for me, to reduce my bill.

Ordinarily if the chat closes that's the end of the service. Thank you so much Debbie for not just giving up and leaving me with a higher bill. You went out of your way to help me today and I'm very grateful.

As the chat was closed I didn't receive the feedback form so I really hope this gets back to her!
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