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You know, you really should make this type of feedback easier than having to invent a board name 😉 A guy named Henry dealt with my issue and while I'm fairly sure you train all your staff the same way, Henry deserves a pay rise. I didn't tell him but I suffer from an extremely severe anxiety disorder and I was having a particularly bad day, made worse by my Sky box turning into a Norweigan Blue, if only momentarily. Talking to him it was almost as if it wasn't there ( what can I say, it never leaves). Thanks man, you have no idea what that level of personalability means to someone in my situation and the fact that it's your job to treat customers that way is why I say you need a pay rise! It's no consolation if they won't give you one but at least you spread the milk of human kindness to someone 😉 Thank you again, sincerely, and not only for your concise and clear help but for being friendly.

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