A wonderful girl named emma

OK. I was about to leave sky. Firstly I was being charged for kids TV that I never asked for as I don't have kids. Well the first man I talked to was pleasant but he tried everything to dissuade me from talking about it or going further so that is a huge red flag. He promised he'd ri g me back. Waited two days n nothing. Second time a girl told me sorry but the engineers can't fix the problem as it's an old box. I had requested to cancel sky a month previously and I was getting so many texts n emails from sky asking me to come back and when I did I was just fobbed off. Until a lovely girl called Emma who was the only person who rang me back and said I'm going to do my best to fix this. I told her what what the engineers said. I get a call on the day my sky was turned off and it was Emma and she said go and check your TV and it was on. I suffer with bad depression n TV is a comfort. She also gave me an excellent deal. Half the price I was previously paying. Only for her I would not be a sky customer. So I'm not thanking sky that I'm with 12 years and you don't get thanked or rewarded for being loyal. So sky my name is Angelina Mongan in Dublin Ireland. So you'll know the Emma I'm talking about. She was so caring and understanding , going out of her way to fix this for me. She actually made me cry cause I was so grateful. Please give her a raise. She deserves it. I've never ever had such a wonderful person help me like that. Thank you Emma. I hope sky recognises what a gem you are and they are lucky to have you. 

Thank u again Emma





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Hi @Angelina35 


Thank you for your post and sharing your experience with Sky. We have sent your thanks onto the staff member and their manager.  




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