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We’ve just started rolling out the latest software version for Sky+, which includes improved Sky Cinema & Sky Store, making it easier to find and download the movies and shows you love. Plus, we’ve also made improvements to search and updated the colour scheme across the Sky Guide.


You’ll need to make sure your Sky+HD box is compatible and that it’s connected to your home broadband network.

If you’re good to go, you’ll receive this update over the next few weeks - here’s what you’ll see:


New design for Sky Cinema and Sky Store


New design for Sky Cinema and Sky Store .png


You’ll now see a wall of movies or TV shows to help you find what you want to watch more quickly.


Just highlight a category from the list on the left, and choose from the relevant movies or TV shows on the right.

You'll see 10 titles, and a glimpse of a further 5. That’s a big improvement on the 5 you see at the moment. 

 See more at a glance .png


In Sky Cinema, we’ve replaced the coloured button options with a new pop-up menu to include all available options for that title.


Just use the up/down arrow buttons on your Sky remote to scroll through and select options like Download in HD, Download in SD, View Trailer, and more.



Improved search suggestions

 Improved search suggestions .png


When you start typing in the search box, you'll now see Sky Store Buy & Keep movies and TV shows listed in the suggestions.


If you select one of these, we'll take you straight to the Sky Store page for that title to purchase it.


You'll also see a lot more suggestions for different shows, movies, people, sports, teams, and competitions.



Better search results page

 Search results page .png


Now, when you search for an actor, such as "Jennifer Aniston", we'll find all the movies and shows they star in.


In the search results, we’ll also now just display the single title of any TV shows they're in, such as Friends, rather than listing each episode of that show. 


To find a particular episode, select the show from the results and search through the episodes available.

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whats peoples thoughts on the new fetures and cant wait till i get the update: smileyfrustrated:

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Hi @loverboi,


If you manually update your software, you should receive the latest software. Smiley Happy

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box is updating nowand thanks mark for letting me knowSmiley HappySmiley SurprisedSmiley Very Happy


Just for info, does anyone know what the new software version number is for this new update?

Would be handy to know as mine current ends (4vayul0)

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It will stay the same as there's a fix for the spinning hard drive issue and some enhancements 😁😀


Have the upgrade and now can't record or access my planner. Online help also not working (potentially looks like I will have to reset the whole thing and lose everything) and no reply on phone. Cheers for the upgrade 😬


@Aussiebumwearer The software version currently being rolled out to compatible Sky+HD boxes is R019.087.67.05P, i'm assuming it carries the same build no as we have, (4ojdush).

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but i just found out that the issue is no longer there with the hard drive i updated earlier and hard drive shut down and box has gone quiet so goo night sllep for me tonight Smiley HappySmiley SurprisedSmiley Very HappySmiley WinkSmiley LOL

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You forgot to mention the synopsis showing up next to the search dropdown list for films and other content that is a single item.

Search for a film and you'll see what I mean.


Why not get the Sky Q to work with this app. This one would not only tell you about a clash but also give to choices to record at other times

My sky planner and TV guide for some reason has reverted back to how it used to look a couple of years ago, any ideas?


@phil+bushell If you can tell us the 'Model Number' and 'Version Number' of your Sky box from Services > Settings > System Details we can check if you have the correct software.

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for who nsewellSmiley Frustrated

@nsewell Thanks for the reply, the details are: 





it was absolutely fine Weds night, then Thursday morning it’s like we’ve gone back in time!! 


New colour scheme is absolutely awful, TV guide page is a mess, the light blue background absorbs the white text, the darker blue underneath where the TV listings are sticks out like a sore thumb. Look unfinished and frankly awful. Best part of this update is HD now spins down so no more noise when I'm trying to sleep.  


New R019 EPG, second picture is what I consider to be the best colour scheme the EPG ever had.




I’ve tried to download new update, plus I ‘forced’ the update but not downloaded new planner. 

The only updates being recognised at present is Jan’18. Is this update for SkyQ boxes? Or just Sky+HD boxes?

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i think it is for sky+ hd but you can check te website skyepginfo Smiley Happy


Thanks, @phil+bushell looks like your box has been updated with the latest software which is rolling out now.


Can you tell us which changes specifically you don't like and think look old?

Is it the layout changes to the Sky Cinema and Sky Store sections?

Or is it just the colours changes to the backgrounds in the TV Guide etc?


Hi @Aussiebumwearer this update is specifically for Sky+HD and not Sky Q.


Sky+HD and Sky Q boxes run different software and are generally updated with new features independently of one another. Sky Q already features a similar looking Sky Cinema/Store section and use this search platform so your not missing out on anything.


There is however an new update for Sky Q (Q070.000.33.00L) which was deployed to the first group of customer this morning. This includes an updated look and new Spotify app, but you wont be able to manually update to the version currently.



Have to agree with macladd. The colour scheme is poor. The film icons are too small to readily recognise the film and with the white text on a pale blue background making it difficult to read the film description it's a more difficult process to select a film than previous version.


I would have to agree that the colour look aweful and while the new movie layout like sky q is ok, I dislike the fact we lost the power to add films to a watch list throught the green button


Anyone have any idea why my sky is no longer showing information on screen whilst watch something (ie. Channel and time when pressing the up or down button on my control) also when watching a recording I cannot see the play, pause, time remaining etc...  Any help greatly appreciated. 

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hav you tried a planner rebuild  and if that dont work turn box off and let sit for 5mins and then plug back in and leave to boot up/rebootSmiley HappySmiley SurprisedSmiley Very HappySmiley WinkSmiley LOL

My old sky+ box updated on its own.  It won’t work now, it can’t show listings, changing channel or show planner. Has anybody else had this problem and do they know what to do?

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absoutley white difficult to read (was this update ever sent out for beta testing )awfull the next episode countdown button for things on the plaaner cuts the end of my progranne of when it auto jumps to the next

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hi shakey81 you have to go to services then use the right  arrow button next to the select button   then go across to options and press the select button to enter into option menu  then you should see sky+ setup press select toenter the option and make sure the the ad to start  of recording is set to automatic and then make sure that the add end of recording to automatic hope this helps  and please keep us updated please if all when well Smiley HappySmiley Very HappySmiley WinkSmiley LOL


My box keeps saying my Network connection has failed. This has happened on numerous occasions over the last few weeks and is really starting to annoy me. The red "reset" button doesn't do anything, short of rebooting my box does anyone have any tips as to how to reconnect plz?

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haveyou tried to reboot your router

Unforunately, I spoke to a technical guy at Sky and he took me through all the different ways of trying to restore but has told me my box is currupt.  To be fair I've had it for absolutely ages, when the Sky+ boxes first arrived so it's had lots of use.  I did however make the very hasty decision to go SkyQ!


Thank you for your comments.  I had originally rebooted both my router (EE not sky) and my sky box, seperately tho, no difference. Then I rebooted them both together and hey presto it reconnected. I think it's more a problem with my broadband, which has been rubbish  for the past few weeks, than my sky box.

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Great to hear that issue is fixed 😀😁😊🙂😜

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  You say that when you search for someone you will get results for ALL the shows & films they are in. I beg to differ as you can see from my thread here.

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hmmmm i have not had that problem tho i dont know if anyone else has ha that issueSmiley SurprisedSmiley HappySmiley Sad


I agree that the colours are terrible.  The white on the light blue background hurts my eyes so much that I came on here to check I wasn't the only one.


Having followed the manual reset/update of software, is there any reason why my box hasn't updated? My box is a fairly old Samsung model. Any suggestions thoughts gratefully received.


@Al+Clayton Only DRX890 & DRX895 Sky+HD boxes are compatible with this update. Older Sky+HD boxes such as your Samsung model are not compatible and have not received feature updates for a few years now.


Thanks for that fast response. I appreciate it.


Why is it that Sky Q does not have an ALL menu for Sky Cinema, Catch Up, and Box Sets when Sky+ and Sky+HD do? That makes it harder to see all the content available on Sky Q.



Hate the new hidden 'adult' recordings from my planner, having to enter the pin everytime! I live on my own and no kids are ever in my house! Give me the option to change it back now!!!