What's new with Sky Q

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Personalised recommendations



You’ll find rails of movies we think you’ll love, in Sky Store and Sky Cinema, based on what you’ve already watched.



Recording categories




To make it easier to find the content you love, we’ve sorted your recordings by category. Just head to Sort by and then select from Entertainment, Kids, Movies and A-Z.


To help you keep on top of your recordings, we’ve introduced Manage, where you’ll find Disk space, Scheduled, Downloading and Deleted. Check out this blog for more information on Manage.



Launch apps with your voice


Open spotify.png


You can now do even more with voice, including open apps. Simply press the button on the side of your remote, speak into the microphone, for example, "Open Spotify", and let your remote do the rest. For more information on Voice Control, check out our help article. 



A Brand New On Demand section


On Demand.png


The On Demand section on your Sky Q home screen is where you’ll now find Sky Box Sets.


From November, if you have the new Ultimate On Demand pack too, the On Demand section will include all your favourite Sky Box Sets and Netflix shows, all in one place.


To find out more about the launch of Ultimate On Demand, please register your interest here. 


Update: we’ve started to rollout our latest software which reverts the Scheduled menu back to its previous position. You will receive this update in the near future if you’ve not already done so.


Why has Sky moved Scheduled to a menu within Manage Recordings instead of the main Recordings menu. This is an area used frequently and its now annoying to get to it.


I agree, it's ridiculous. It now takes 7 or 8 button presses to get to your scheduled recordings. That's a terrible 'downdate'. I use that more than anything and it was much better before.


They still haven't sorted that terrible banner that appears over the bottom third of the screen when you pause which means you can't read anything at the bottom of the screen. There's just no need for it to cover the screen like that. 


Looking for sky Q code PHILIPS TV 50PUS6272 / 05 thanks 


Hi there press the return button when pauses and it will reveal the whole screen.