What's new with Sky Q






At the top of your new Sky Q menu, you’ll find Home; a personalised place just for you. Expanding on what you had with My Q, you can now find even more recommendations of what to watch next.


Take a look at the latest Top Picks, quickly access your recent recordings or last viewed shows and scroll down to find your favourite channels. You’ll also find a dedicated section for apps, including the recently launched Spotify app on Sky Q.


There are plenty of options available in each section, simply scroll to the right on the section you’re interested in to see more of what’s on offer.


Haven’t setup Favourites yet? Follow these steps to find out how.







With millions of songs available, you can Browse a range of playlists to suit your mood, play your saved music with Your Library, or use the Search bar to find something specific.


To open

  1. Press Home on your Sky Q remote and select Music.
  2. Select Apps, then Spotify.


You can also find Spotify in Home, by scrolling down until you find the apps rail. Once you’re logged in, select a song to start playing it. You'll see it appear in the Now Playing bar in the bottom-left. Select the Now Playing bar for a fullscreen view. To return to the previous screen, press the Dismiss button.


To exit the app, press the Dismiss button.


If you have a Spotify account, you can sign in to access your playlists or sign up for a free account. To upgrade to a Premium account, visit Spotify.com.


If you’re experiencing any problems with Spotify, visit our help section.


How to update my software for the new look


The update is horrid. Lots of blank space in the right hand column. Especially on the "my recordings" section. The whole space could be filled with recordings, but there is so much wasted space there.

The software update also deleted a few of my recordings.

All in all, I'm not impressed.

This should have been tested with several volunteers before it was rolled out to the general public.

New Viewer

When will sky have a netflik app


What a terrible update, the screen fades to a lighter blue on the righthand side, so it's difficult to see.... And when the sun comes out and causes the slightest reflection on the screen, it's near impossible to view the guide.... There should have been options to change the brightness and other options  This is a backwards step. The old home screen was much better. 


The new layout is awful 


Please, please give us the old layout back.


Its too large, there's less information to see and you have lost a lot of context as to where you are in the system.






Since I’ve had the update the autoplay feature isn’t working. Anyone else having this issue?

New Viewer

What’s with the fading of the listings on the TV Guide screen?

Really difficult to see the programs on the list other than the one highlighted by the remote.

Boom Operator

Absolute ridiculous how the recording fade away as you press down!!! What’s wrong with side lines on the menu seems like it’s bent and why is there an empty space on right hand side of the screen.?


sky please listen to customers feedback  and fix these issues, to be honest the platform looks  less professional and somehow less convincing.

It's all good with the improvements, just wodering when netflx will arrive and will it be available within the sky go app.


My mini box has now shows the new Home screen, my main box still shows the old Home screen? Am I missing something, do I need to do something? Advice sort.


@johnjag you could try a power off then power on with the main box if this does not work try the manual update the software :- 


Sky Q 1TB box, Sky Q 2TB box and Sky Q Mini boxes

  1. From your Home screen, go to Settings, then Status and make sure Satellite signal has a tick. If you’re using a Sky Q Mini box, go to Settings, then Status and make sure Connection to Sky Q box has a tick.
  2. Go to Settings, System info and highlight Software version.
  3. Choose Setup and then select Software download.
  4. Your box will start to download the latest software which can take up to ten minutes.
  5. To check the status of the software download, go to SettingsSystem info and highlight Software version . When it says “Software update successful” press the standby button on your remote.
  6. When your box restarts, follow the on screen messages. You’ll then be on the latest software version.
Community Manager

Thank you for your comments regarding the new layout, we're always looking at ways in which we can improve the usability of Sky Q and we'll let you know about any future changes closer to the time.


@Paulskiman @peteandangie22 Netflix will arrive later this year and we'll release more information when we get closer to launch.


@Swain78 if you can outline what the issue is we can check

Boom Operator

Kei+M great to hear Sky is listening to the customers. Please please fix the curved lines around the menu tabs  and enlarge the minin screen. Thx 


When watching a box set or series linked programme, when you got to the end of an episode it would autoplay the next episode, since the new update was released this now doesn’t work, the episode finishes and your taken back to the list of programs your watching and you have to manually select the next episode. This is very annoying for me personally, I struggle to sleep so in the past I would download a favourite box set and put it on and it would help me fall asleep, now when an episode finishes the series switches off.


Something that has been changed but doesn't work in my opinion is that when viewing the TV guide and the cinema options only the currently selected channel/video is bright - all the other channels are dimmed.

it is useful to be able to scan across the avaiable films and channels rather than only being able to see them clearly when highlighted. 

The Sky Q box won the 'best TV interface' recently but this has definitely made it less functional and i dont know why it's been changed.


Should have left the epg as it was dont mind the channel change but when they have moved it and other of the similar channels are not next to eachother gets confusing to find when there not alltogher and you have to constanly have to go through the channel guide to find it too much messing around with the channels all over the place was better the way it was 

Series Linker

I am new to this new sky community as I defected to Virgin V6 box. Oh what a mistake that was. It's bad really bad!. So rejoined Sky and got a sky Q box. I have to say I did like the old version of firmware, but the NEW version 70 is a improvement but I have a real dislike to the TV guides right hand side blue intensive background . This washishes out the white text. I hope this can be corrected on the next release. Anyone else agree? 🤔

Boom Operator

I totally agree but for now you can take advantage of a glitch which transforms the background to deep dark blue.

 I personally prefer the older version aesthetic, somehow they managed to ruin the look  of the mini screen by squashing it at the top and curve the vertical menu lines!


Going through the recording list I noticed that when scrolling down now you lose the top line which is very frustrating.

What has this done to the series link? And why can I no longer get into the engineering menu ... bloody disaster as I can't set the series link on the cycling on Eurosport ... Hopeless.

Sound Supervisor

Not sure if this is related to the update as I thought that happened before I noticed many of my linked recordings are now no longer linked. Due to this I have missed a number of episodes of various programmes, some of which aren’t available on Catch Up. 

Should not have happened! 😖

Its almost as if they released an early Beta version...