Sky Supports Internet Matters


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Here at Sky we’re passionate about using technology to improve the lives of our customers and coming up with brilliant new ideas to provide great digital experiences.


However, we understand that the rate at which technology is constantly evolving means that the world in which children are now growing up has changed profoundly.


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All aspects of our society are increasingly becoming ‘digital first’ and, while that offers exciting new opportunities, it also brings new dangers and challenges to confront.


From social media to cyberbullying, radicalisation to sexting, there are numerous worrying issues facing our youngsters in the online world, but through education and engagement we can all play a part in helping keep our children safe.


We at Sky are committed to achieving that objective and that’s why we’ve introduced safety features to help all the family enjoy our products such as PIN-protected parental controls, free McAfee Internet Security and Sky Broadband Shield.


Broadband Shield gives Sky customers control of their household’s internet experience by allowing them to filter what sites can be accessed, as well as protecting against malware-infected or phishing sites. Meanwhile, its watershed feature has adjustable settings which use age rating options to restrict sites and these can be varied depending on the time of the day.   


But we’re determined to keep spreading the word and leading by example. That’s why we’re a proud and leading partner of Internet Matters, who work tirelessly with online safety experts to offer advice and support to parents about keeping kids safe in the digital world.


It really can be a tough job for grown-ups to track their child’s online activity and new research suggests that nearly half of parents believe their offspring know more about the internet than they do.


That’s why Internet Matters is such a powerful resource, it offers great and practical advice and helps you make the right decision for you and your family. Whether you’re looking for information for the first time, or an old hand, the website has everything you could need.


And, if your children are aged between eight and ten, you can also take advantage of their Internet Matters’ E-Safety app, which helps parents talk e-safety issues with their kids in a fun and interactive way.


So rather than fear the pitfalls that might face youngsters online, why not embrace the opportunity to educate both yourself and them and help make their time online as safe and enjoyable as possible.


For more information, check out our handy guides on setting parental controls: