Sky Soundbox: the first two hours



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Packaging is very superior on par with Apple products. Opening the box the first thing that strikes me is the weight of the Soundbox, wow. There is nothing here that gives a wow feeling it is just a big heavy black box. Everything you need apart from the box is cleverly packed away and is sheer joy as it unfolds as you pull it up to reveal all the connecting cables.


Set up was simplicity itself. Take the pink HDMI cable from the back of the Q box and slot it into the back of the Soundbox, next insert the supplied HDMI cable into the other HDMI slot and back to the Q box. Next connect optical cable from box to optical on TV.

Then switch on!


The remote controls the volume but you can set up your Q remote to control the volume. Go to Home button>Settings>Setup>Remotes then choosing the Bluetooth remote it brings up the option for setting up the sound system, choose Sky and all is done. The remote has a source button and this has three spoken options. These are Optical, Bluetooth and HDMI. Sadly it won’t cycle through these automatically according to the selected source. There is also a sync option if you find speech and picture are out, but I didn’t need it.


Sky Soundbox screen.jpeg


Now to sound quality, this was a replacement for a Bose Wave connected via the TV headphone socket. The sound from the Wave was fantastic but then it cost me over £600 a decade ago. There was no wow factor on using the Soundbox I could hear sound separation though in a way I haven’t before. The real test will be on the first film I watch and F1. I did watch the first ten minutes of the Flash and liked it very much. Moving over to try Netflix the sound coming through the optical cable was no different to what I had before.


THEN I switched off the TV and the Q box and set it up as a Bluetooth speaker, grabbed my iPhone and paired it easily. Now I am listening to my music. NOW, there is a world of difference! I particularly like the absolute separation and clarity of the Cello Concerto I chose, it is perfect. Some Coldplay and many others followed and I am in love with it. My audiobooks sound great as well a big plus as I can no longer read physical books and I read about a hundred books a year.


Sky Soundbox.jpeg


It is better than what I was using not by a great deal but it is less than half the price. If I had nothing but TV sound it would be blowing my mind with its quality, and make no mistake this is a quality product. I have over the years tried various sound bars and bases but none could beat my Bose set up, this does and for a great deal less than I paid for other products.


Unless it develops a fault I can only see it improving as it beds in and I try other options. For just now I am thoroughly enjoying it as Bluetooth speaker as I write this, feeling it was a bargain buy. I have however no place now for my PS4, no great loss as I wasn’t using it.

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Hi...Can you alter the source on your Tv? My tv recognises the source from the hdmi input. For example....dvd player, kodi box, sky. Maybe you need to check the source is correct?


Please can someone answer me this and is anyone else having this problem or is it a fault.  We have been watching TV through the sound box most of the night upon until I put my 5 year old to bed then we knock the sound box off so not to wake her with the excellent loud sound quality but then as soon as I press the home button on the sky Q remote the sound box automatically switches back on??? Obviously there are times I don't want it on and just watch through tv speakers? Surely by pressing the home button on my remote shouldn't be turning the sound box on??


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Can it use a normal headphone socket,My TV is old (its a flatscreen Hitachi 42inch, about 4 years old)so don't have optical,I don't use the sound from my TV,I use SoundBlaster Live speaker that have 5 speakers on it,and it plugs into the headphone socket,you can contol the volume from the remote that way..?


@Gilleeee  The system is working as it is meant to do this is not a fault 


@Spanner11  This isn’t possible I’m afraid


Simplicity will it work if your tv is on the wall and cables are fed through the wall to another room. Will it be sound to take the existing hdmi  in my sky Q ,remove it from my tv and feed it into my soundbox. Then feed the new hdmi cable between tv and soundbox. I’m not tech savvy but this might stop me having to feed cables out and back th the wall?


Hi,  just wondering about some technical advice.   

When speaking with sky advisor, I mentioned placing box nowhere near to Q box amp etc and could only plug to TV. I was told, connect soundbox directly to TV  and it passes through inbound signal to the soundbox, 
so went ahead and purchased and expecting delivery soon.


As you can see in the photo.  I have floating shelves, with sky Q box, blue ray player & a Yamaha RX-V667, HDMI amp. (2  EV, high-grade ceiling corner speakers.)  with Sky Q plugged directly to Amp  & Amp  - TV (long cable hidden in the wall)


On the wall opposite side of door, I have UE 48 6500 series Samsung TV 
The cables coming from the wall ( previously run ) are power, TV aerial and HDMI (connected to the amp. )
Number of inputs on the back of TV (HDMI, optical plugin and HDMI ARC etc)

Stand below the TV with power and this is where I planned to put the Soundbox and connect to the TV. 
Hoping to use with amp/soundbox or both together would be ideal!




Can I connect directly to TV? That's ideal as devices detect/work with each other these days, If not, this will cause a bit of a headache!  Or does soundbox have to connect to Sky Q unit?   
Therefore maybe no option but to cancel the order! 

I'm just looking for clarification/options on my set up.  Jase


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