Sky Q to launch without a satellite dish

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Sky today announces plans to launch Sky TV without the need for a satellite dish for the very first time in the UK. The move will see millions of homes, currently unable to install a satellite dish, be able to enjoy the best entertainment on Sky. Delivered through a box over broadband, the service is expected to launch in the UK in 2018.


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Following a strong response from customers to Sky Q, there are now more than one million boxes in around 600,000 homes in the UK. It’s already changing viewing habits, with customers watching 10% more TV compared to those with Sky+, as they benefit from a more visual interface alongside personalised recommendations. And Sky Q is set to get even better this year with the introduction of voice search, greater personalisation and the ability to record six shows while watching a seventh live.


As part of its commitment to delivering the best customer service Sky is also launching the new My Sky app. With more and more people turning to their phones to manage their life admin, the app will make it quicker and easier than ever. Customers can check their broadband speed, review their monthly bill on the move, change how and when they pay and get help and support with simple step by step videos and articles.
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Sky is also gearing up for a brilliant year on screen, with a new big-screen drama released every month from some of the best storytellers in the world. This includes eleven dramas from Sky Original Productions including Fortitude premiering tonight, Sky’s most ambitious project to date Britannia, as well as Riviera, Tin Star, Gomorrah and Guerrilla. Plus exclusive access to the biggest US shows from Showtime and HBO including Billions, Twin Peaks, and Game of Thrones, and the latest films with a new premiere every day on Sky Cinema including Finding Dory, Deadpool, Absolutely Fabulous and X-Men: Apocalypse.


Stephen van Rooyen, Sky UK’s Chief Executive, said:This year is about giving our customers even more quality, choice and value. We’re planning to launch our Sky TV service without the need for a satellite dish for the very first time, giving millions more homes the chance to enjoy TV with Sky Q. We are continuing to build our European TV production studio, with 100 original series going into production. And with innovations like the My Sky app, we are finding new ways to make our customers’ lives simpler.” 


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Update 25/01/18. Jeremy Darroch, Group Chief Executive, commented: "We recently launched Sky Q in Italy and will roll out the service to Germany & Austria in the next six months. We will also introduce Sky over fibre in Italy and our first all IP service in Austria, both without the need for a satellite dish."


Source: Results for the six months ended 31 December 2017

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Just been reading this on the whathifi site. It does indeed sound interesting - one can only hope that the reality is as good as the promise.


The last paragraph in the whathifi article did make me chuckle though:


"In other news, Sky revealed the Sky Store is on track to become the number one digital movie retailer in the UK, with Sky predicting it will overtake iTunes by the end of 2017. The service has established a 30 per cent market share by revenue for digital films, hitting 50 per cent over the Christmas period. "


50% over the Christmas period? hmmmmmmm. Let me think - what was happening that could cause such a spike in use? Funny Sky forgot to mention the giveaways when they were handing the figures over innit? Smiley Tongue

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This sounds interesting to me, as at the moment my existing setup is SKY+HD on a single feed (due to being on a shared dish) so I can only record the channel I'm viewing.  If there is something on another channel at the same time I either have to wait for it to be upload to ondemand or look for a repeat showing. So is this going to be the fix i'm after i wonder..recording and viewing more than one channel at the same time?


Also is this going to be different from NOW TV which doesn't have the rights to show all tv shows that you get though a dish and the content is all in SD?



This is very welcome news and about time to be honest. As someone who was refused sky q due to sky's highly trained skillful installers not being able to climb onto a garage roof to fit a new dish/lnb (original sky dish was installed by pre sky q installers and after failing to install sky q customer support said they would gladly supply me with sky I cancelled the lot!) it will allow me to maybe comeback to sky. 


It will need to have 4K (which current sky q does over broadband so no issues there), and of course bring the recording etc features the current sky q box does. Pricing will be important, I can see it being the same as with a dish...or possibly cheaper if you take sky broadband. I expect they will phase out the satellite sky q boxes eventually and concentrate on delivery over broadband going forward.


If this service is over broadband isn't this 'Streaming' and taking up bandwith, if it is, I will be saying cheerio to sky after 15 years.

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@dothebartman I don't think this is to be a replacement for the dish method. Just an alternative Smiley Happy

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