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With Sky Mobile, you can get some nifty benefits. Keep unused data for up to three years, change your plan every month and even Sync your Sky+ recordings with your phone.


But one of the coolest features is the ability to Swap your phone to the latest model every year. The choice is yours with Swap, whether you want the latest model every year with Swap12 or our lowest monthly price with Swap24.


What is Swap?


When you first buy your phone, you have two options:


  • Swap12: You can swap to the latest model every year.
  • Swap24: You’ll get our lowest monthly price and can swap your phone every two years.

 How can I Swap?


You don’t need to do much – we’ll let you know when it’s time to Swap.


After having your phone for 12 or 24 months, all you have to do is go to My Sky and give details about the condition of your phone.


Choose the new phone you want to Swap to, and we’ll deliver it to you for free. We’ll even provide pre-paid packaging for you to send us your old phone back. Simple.


And remember, you don’t have to Swap – if you prefer to hang onto your old phone, we’ll just adjust your monthly payments.


All this means that with Sky Mobile, you’ll be able to Roll, Mix, Sync, Save and Swap – giving you a totally flexible and customised experience.


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When try to order a phone only it says I need a sim plan well I do have a active sky mobile sim 

Community Manager

Hi @david72 You should just need to:


Select your handset

Select Swap12 or Swap24

Then if you already have a SIM, on the next page you can just click the "Just need a phone" button and you should be good to go. 


I have been a with sky for over 15 years ,,,,I asked for a mobile and they said my credit check wouldn't let me have one,,,,,,I think after 15 years it would give me some credit with sky,,,,,,But there lose, I went to Vodafone and got the new Samsung galaxy s8 straight away. Sky your lose because I giving my money to Vodafone,,,,,,and plus am moving to virgin to,,,,,so BYE