Exciting changes to your Sky TV guide

Community Manager

TV Guide (+1 channels) UK.jpg 

On 1 May, we'll renumber all the channels in the Sky TV Guide. 


This will make it even easier for you to find the great content you love. 


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Main changes:


  • Documentary and Entertainment merged into a single number range
  • Documentary channels moved higher in the TV Guide
  • +1 tab introduced on Sky+HD and Sky Q boxes 
  • +1 channels listed at 201-299
  • Children’s range simplified in 600s 


What do I need to do?


You don’t need to do anything to your Sky box, as the changes will happen automatically on the morning of 1 May.


For more information about the Sky TV Guide renumbering see sky.com/channelchanges

ROI customers click here.


Exciting isn't it?!

Boom Operator

What have you done to the TV guide. The listings are now shown in a lighter type only the programme highlighted changes to a bolder, brighter typeface. Someone with poor sight will struggle. Even altering the contrast doesn’t help. The old sky+ guide was great. Put it back!


you might think it's exciting , it's the worst thing you have ever done. why did you split up all the documentary channels. keep them all together now it takes up all my favourites . anybody with a poor memory cannot remember all the channel numbers and can't be bothered to keep flicking through the guide trying to find something decent to watch  but you mixed it up with all the trash you call good channels

New Viewer

I agree , it is a nightmare and cannot seem to find some of the channels that were in the documentary run, I am sure some of the channels won’t be happy as they lose viewers because of the changes. I could understand changing the numbering but mixing entertainment and documentary up makes no sense!


I hate the black background on the Q minni box how do I get the blue background back, there should be a choice of colour, but I would realy like the blue background back, the black background looks realy morbid and depressing

Boom Operator

Re: The black background on your Minibox can be changed if it’s the same menu as the main box

On the main Q box go into settings, accessibility, then at the bottom you’ll see “HIGH CONTRAST” . Set to off.

That should change it back to blue.

It is still to hard to see in bright light and my wife who has poor eyesight struggles to see the programme pages.

Sky ! change it back!

Executive Producer

I obviously don't have the same dictionary as Sky, I could not find a definition of exciting that meant these changes.


Well I have given the new channel places time and I have come to the conclusion that the exciting changes dont work.  I used to be an avid fan of the documentaries and now I can even remember the channel numbers.  Change for change sake? Maybe. Change to help keep Discovery happy? Probably. Keep the sky viewers paying over and above £100 a month happy? never.