Changes to LFCTV

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From 1st June 2018, LFCTV will be broadcast in HD only.


If you have an HD compatible Sky box you can continue to watch LFCTV in HD on Channel 425 even if you do not have an HD pack, at no extra cost.


If you do not have an HD compatible Sky box as of 1st June you will no longer be able to view LFCTV. If this impacts you Sky will automatically adjust your bill.


Sky will be contacting LFCTV customers without an HD box from 30th April with more information.

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Glad someone is taking a step in the right direction. Sky, ITV and BBC should have done this a few years ago. Now we need everyone else who has SD/HD of the same channel to do the same and just do HD and ditch the SD all together and maybe they could use realocate some extra bandwidth to improve the channel's quality.