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Sky News App

Sky News App - getting really frustrated with the amount of ads I am forced to watch on sky news in order to view a news video clip. 
I have recently ended up getting half way through the ads and give up. I'm sure this isn't what Sky want. 
I sometimes question the moral principles also of making money from such dreadfully sad stories. I've decided to delete the app. 


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Re: Sky News App

Done the same , on the news app it's just plain annoying and content productive in my mind 


shame I like sky news .

i don't watch sky tv though just have the BB 

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Re: Sky News App

Deleted the app, got rid of sky tv for the same reason. Found it hard to accept watching so many ads on sky tv when you pay a subscription. What really highlighted it for me was when I recorded a programme and watched it, I would skim through the ads and realise that a half hour programme was really only about 18 or 20 minutes. 
Another thing that became apparent was the underhand way they were trying to promote women's football. It was always presented in a way to catch your attention that it was premier league football, I guess so that you would tune in by mistake but carry on watching it. Absolutely nothing wrong with promoting women's football in an upfront way. 

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Re: Sky News App

Wanted to watch an item about the total eclipse in South America,  gave up after the fourth advert came on!! Come on sky sort it out before we all start deleting the app 

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Re: Sky News App

That's it, I've finally had enough! The app is now deleted for ever, literally getting bombarded with adverts that will not let you back out and close the app. Sky news you are finished, wasting everyone's time for a few quid will be your undoing. It's no different on your online content why do we pay for subscriptions that gives us ads. No one wants them! If you don't delete ads people delete apps, all that wasted money on something that people will just delete anyway... Not good business, like you actually care what your customers think. 

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Re: Sky News App

Posted by a Superuser, not a Sky employee. Find out more

@Tellyviz just so you know, we're customers here. Sky may or may not see your post. 


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