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My Sky app

Does anyone know of any issues with the My Sky app?


i am trying to complete an upgrade through the app (was also having the same issue online) and i can add to basket but when i go to basket to complete, it keeps coming up with a its not you its us error, try refreshing or starting again message.

Tried starting again numerous times but same issue/message keeps occurring/appearing.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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Re: My Sky app

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With errors like this there is nothing you can do to get past it so the only way to get the order placed will be by calling Sky instead.


150 is the free number to use from a Sky Mobile or Sky Talk phone otherwise under "Need more help ?" link at the bottom of the page on this link is the number to call Sky on:


When you do call say nothing when the bot speaks to you about what your call is about as it should then route you to somebody.

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