Some episodes are missing from On Demand!

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RTF asked: ...the first 3 episodes are missing. I don't want to start the season part way through...

If you’ve searched for your favourite show and the early episodes aren't displayed, this show is likely available on catch-up. In which case, only episodes aired within the past 30 days will be available to download.


Due to contractual agreements with the rights holders of certain programmes, not all programmes shown on Sky TV are available on Catch Up TV or Sky Box Sets. All on demand programmes have an expiry date.


Sky TV on demand offers you a world of entertainment through your Sky box including Box Sets and Catch Up TV.


What are Sky Box Sets?


Sky Box Sets are a huge library of your favourite new and returning series. Binge on our incredible collection of UK and US shows with 400 Box Sets.

Box Sets are available for only £5 when taken with Sky's Entertainment package.


What is Catch Up?


Catch Up from the last 30 days on up to 60 channels, like Sky Atlantic and ITV Encore, as well as catch-up services like BBC iPlayer and All 4.


Complete series are regularly added to Box Sets, you can keep track of the latest releases on our Entertainment Community.

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I joined Sky in 2011 and haven't looked back since! I am passionate about helping others and all things Sport. My favourite TV show changes all the time, but I bought The West Wing Box Set from Sky Store, which I regularly re-watch.

on sky Q how do I retrieve recorded programs accidently  deleted from and not on catch up.


I have Sky and i have on demand in my package I have tried to record series 4 of The Strain and it wont let me and tells me i have to update my subscription this is happening too often and also withcatch up tv. This should not be happening and needs to be put right i have been in touch with you before about it but you havent put it right

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@john+parker There is a deleted section in your planner.

  • Press the Sky button at the top of your remote,
  • Scroll down to the Deleted tab,
  • You should be able to restore the deleted recording.

Recordings will be permanently deleted from this section automatically in order to make space for new recordings.


@Gwella It sounds as like you are attempting to watch a programme which is part of the Box Sets package and not Catch-Up. Does your current package include Box Sets? 


For more help post your question in the dedicated Entertainment community.


Why only one Episode of Westword on Demand season 1? When is it going to be back on wanr to catch up before the new season

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@Reggie20 We're expecting Westworld s1 to return to Sky Box Sets 9th March, plenty of time to catch up before s2 begins April 23rd.



Why is it that Episode 4 of "Keeping Faith" on BBC One appears to be missing, Episodes 1,2 3 and 5 are available.

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Hi @lucent10149, You can also report missing On Demand programmes here. Smiley Happy


Thank you Mark-Br. Missing episode located on IPlayer - "all"


Why are all the episodes of the Bridge (series 4) to date on the planner apart from episode 1? Help appreciated 


Is it right that Criminal Minds is no longer available as a Box Set (end June 2018)?  This is very disappointing - we have been watching over recent months and had reached series 8. Does anyone know if it will be back?


Why is it that when using catch up or on demand for a missed series that episodes for example 1&2  are available  then jumps  to episodes 5&6 and onwards leaving episodes 3&4 missing, doesn't make sense when they are not available on box sets. I have sports, movies, go, does that entitle me to box sets?     


I have just finished watching S1 of The Handmaid’s Tale through Sky box sets. 

Ive just gone to start watching Series 2 and episodes 1, 2 & 3 are missing. Series 1 is still there and the rest of series 2 is available. 

Ive checked catch up tv and can only find episodes S2/6 and S2/7. 

Please someone tell me what’s going on 🙁🤷‍♀️


I have the same issue also! 


Series 4 of Poldark has disappeared despite pressing the keep button for each episode! 😢


Watching game of thrones, series 3 episode 8 to 10 missing!  I have box sets package!!!


I don’t understand why I’ve still got series 3 intact! 


Six episode 7 of series two is missing!!


Please can you tell me where to report missing episodes on on demand ?? There used to be a thread fortfor  but I can't find it anywhere, and speaking to the sky tech department is completely useless, they have no idea what I'm talking about! Thank

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There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding Boxsets, Catch-up and the on-demand term. 


Sky Boxsets can be accessed if:-

1) you have the Entertainment pack with the Boxsets add on


2) you have the new Ultimate On-demand pack


3) you have the Legacy Boxsets pack


Catch-up is a service that allows the viewer to watch recently shown TV programs mainly from free-to-air channels 


On demand is any part of the services that allow downloading and immediate viewing of the show 


All of the above have expiry dates unless it’s been purchased on Sky Store for buy and keep. The expiry dates are due to licensing arrangements which are legally binding. 


Hope this helps someone. 


It's not anything that I have confused or about things that have expired. It's a error where they have all but one odd episode in the middle of a series available. It's happened lots of times before and there used to be a link to report this and have it fixed but it's expired and can't find a new one. Can anyone help with this? As I don't want to watch a series that will expire soon with one episode missing, kinda ruins the whole thing! It used to be a oracle that would give the link needed?

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Hi Grace,

my comment was just general information and help and I’m sure you fully understand it yourself 


Ex on the beach, series 9, episode 10 is missing and Celebrity hunted, series 2, episode 2.

All other episodes for each series are there?