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Sky Sports Box Office is your home of pay-per-view sporting events.


Can I watch Sky Sports Box Office on Sky Go?


No, Sky Sports Box Office (SSBO) is not available on Sky Go. Sky Q customers can watch these events on Sky Q app when connected to their home broadband network.

Sky Sports Box Office has it's own app where you can stream the event live. CLICK HERE for more information.


Can I watch Sky Sports Box Office online?


Yes, you can stream many boxing events on a wide range of devices with Sky Sports Box Office. You can order those events here.

CLICK HERE for more information.


I’ve ordered on my Sky box, can I also watch online?


These platforms are not linked.

If you'd like to watch the event online, you must order HERE. This is a separate order and you will be charged again.


Can I watch SSBO on my multiscreen?


If you buy the event through your Sky Q box, it'll be available on your Sky Q box, Sky Q Mini, and Sky Q app (assuming you are connected to your home network) with a single order.

Sky+ customers will need a separate order for each box they wish to watch on.


Upgrade to Sky Q - the next generation box

Can I watch the event online when I'm abroad?


Yes, as well as watching all over the UK and ROI with no restrictions, you can watch Sky Sports Box Office events online in many European countries. All fight passes must be purchased while in the UK or Republic of Ireland.

For more information, including a list of countries, CLICK HERE.


I want to watch this event on Sky TV, how do I order?


The easiest way to order is using your Sky remote;

  • Go to channel 491,
  • Press the GREEN button,
  • Press RECORD to book

Do I need an HD subscription to watch this event in HD?


No. As these events are a one-off purchase, your subscription does not impact your viewing options.

You will need an HD capable Sky box and TV.


Can I watch Sky Sports Box Office in Ultra HD?


Boxing events are available to Sky Q 2TB customers in Ultra HD (repeats will be shown in SD/HD).


A compatible TV will be required, CLICK HERE for help setting up Ultra HD.

Sky Q app, mini’s and 1TB boxes do not support Ultra HD. A multiscreen subscription is not required to watch box office events in Ultra HD.


Why haven't I been asked for my PIN?


The default settings will require you to enter your Sky PIN to order Box Office events.

You can re-enable PIN requests for Box Office purchases using the following instructions

  • Sky+ - Services> Parental Control & PIN> Family> PIN Required for purchases
  • Sky Q - Settings> Parental> Family> PIN on Purchase

What does 'Insufficient credit on viewing card' mean?


All Sky viewing cards have a monthly credit limit if you see this message on screen contact us.


I have this message on screen 'Go to'


Your Sky account may not be set up to order Box Office events, using your Sky remote complete a 'callback'

  • Using your SkyHD remote, press Services on your Sky remote
  • Press 0, 0, 1, Select (setup should now be highlighted)
  • Scroll across to New Install
  • Press Select twice

Once that's done, order the fight. If you're still unsuccessful, contact us.


I ordered using my remote, now the search banner is stuck on screen!


Press RECORD on your Sky remote to order the event.

This can happen during the first hour of programming if your order hasn't fully confirmed. The first hour of programming is available to all Sky customers without paying for the event. Pressing record will confirm your order and remove the banner, you will only be charged once (per viewing card).


I ordered using my remote, I have a blue screen.


Press RECORD on your Sky remote to order the event.

The first 60 minutes are available for all Sky customers without ordering the event. After that, if you see a blue screen, your order didn't process correctly. Re-order the event using your Sky remote, you will only be charged once (per viewing card).


If your question is answered here, ask in our dedicated Entertainment community.

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Just to clarify, I’ve ordered in UHD but i’ll Still have access to HD on my connected Mini box

Community Manager

That's right. Once you order an event, you'll have access to SD, HD and UHD broadcasts (assuming you have the compatible equipment)


These events are ordered to the viewing card, as Sky Q customers have a single viewing card per household, only one order is required to watch on your main Sky Q box, Sky Q mini(s) and Sky Q app (when connected to your home network.)


Sky+ customers require a viewing card per box, therefore a separate order is required per box (viewing card).


Thanks Mark. Worked a treat so we could finish watching the after-fight in another room. 

New Viewer


I just signed in to my account online and ordered the fight for saturday. 

I read that if you order on your tv you can't watch it online, is this the case for the otherway round if I order it on my laptop can I watch it on the tv?

Community Manager

@ines1988 That's right. The two platforms aren't linked.

It'd require two separate orders to watch online and on your Sky TV. Hope this helps Smiley Happy


Thats great! Thanks very much for your help.

I'm in my 31 day notice period to cancel , can I still order sky sports box office for the boxing tonight ?




If you are within your 31 days notice you will be unable to order the fight to view via your box but you should be able to order it to watch online instead as you would have to add a payment method when doing this.


Can anyone help, just followed instructions online to watch the fight, paid money, now saying have to pay again to watch online, can I cancel the fist order?

Series Linker

Val2432477 exactly the same just happened to us!


@Suea68 @val2432477


If you paid online to watch the fight on your Sky box and you now want to watch it elsewhere instead, so perhaps like a iPad or a PC then you do have to pay again I'm afraid.