Sky Home Move


Moving home can be a stressful time, so we’ve made it quick and easy to arrange your Sky Home Move. Just visit to get started. If you’re not ready to book while you’re there, you can read more about what’s involved.


Here are a few additional tidbits of info:



I’ve arranged my Sky Q installation – what do I need to do?


Sky Q requires you to have a HD TV with an available HDMI port.

If you’ve ordered a Sky Q Mini box, we’ll need to know:

  • Whether you’re looking to install your Sky Q Mini box in a conservatory, loft conversion, basement or out building.
  • Whether you currently have issues with Wi-Fi in that room.


My new property has a communal satellite dish – can I get Sky TV installed?


Yes. Sky doesn't install equipment directly onto communal dishes or certain wall types, but in these cases, we’ll discuss your options with you.


What do I need before I book my Sky Home Move?

Will the Sky engineer drill a hole in my wall?


Should our engineers need to drill holes for external cable access or to secure ladders, theyll fill them in afterwards. The engineer won't lift flooring to lay cable, so any internal cable must be tacked to the skirting board.


What to expect from your Sky Home Move.

Whether your installation is classed as standard or not depends on how easy it is to set up your Sky TV.


What is included in a standard installation?


As a guide, a standard installation covers:

  • Installing your dish and Sky box(es).
  • Neatly running cabling inside and outside the home (e.g. around skirting boards, door frames etc).

 Non-standard installations may require an additional charge. When possible, we’ll let you know this at the time you book your Home Move. However, in some cases an engineer will need to assess the specific situation at your property before making a judgement.



Will my Sky Broadband speed be the same at my new address as it is now?


Not necessarily. Your Sky Broadband speed depends on how close your new property is to the telephone exchange. When you book your Home Move, the advisor should be able to give you an estimate of the speed at your new property.


If you have a question about your Home Move, ask the Community.

New Viewer

So I followed the instructions the guidelines contacted Sky more than two weeks before my move. Sky gave me a switch on date for my Hub and phone and then a date which was a week later for Engineer to fit up for my TV. Goodnews Hub and phone went live on agreed date. However even though I got a letter , a text and then on the day of Engineer visit another text all confirming that Engineer would arrive between 1600 and 1800.....even though it would be pitch black at this time. I waited and waited for the Engineer. He never turned up although he did phone and leave message saying he’d be here between 1600 and 1800. He then followed that up with a text with same message. Well he did not turn up. Sky did not let me know he was over run with work. I called Sky and told them about this. They said they would reschedule for another day........10 days after the agreed date. They couldn’t give me an Engineer the next day as they were all fully booked. others who booked after me were the priority. Me , well I’ve only been with Sky for eleven years. They don’t have a method for responding to work that doesn’t occur on the agreed day. You go back in line and take your chances. Third rate service. If Engineer turns up on the next agreed date I will have been without this service to my TV for three weeks. This is Sky taking the stress out of Moving.  They need people in charge who can set up a system that can respond better than this. Mean while I’ll keep on waiting . 

Oh dear thats not good....... Lets hope I have a better experience. Anyone know what I can do re my question would be great. Thanks.

New Viewer

I am moving in 5 days & its impossible to contact you!

The chat always says its busy & the moving page comes up blank on my computer, tablet & phone .  I only have tv with you & i have had to spend ages looking how to just change my address.