Reset Sky on demand connection

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Sky TV on demand is available at no extra cost with any Sky TV bundle. Simply connect your Sky box to your home broadband connection.



If you feel you need to, you can reset your connection using the instructions below. 


  1. Press Services on your Sky remote
  2. Select the Settings tile
  3. Scroll across to the Network tab
  4. Press Select
  5. Press Red to reset your network connections


Further troubleshooting steps are available here.



Reconnect to the wireless network


  1. Go back to the network tab using instructions above
  2. Select ‘Connect with Password’
  3. Highlight and Select your wireless network.
  4. Enter your wireless password (this is case sensitive)



Can't get on demand on my sky + box!!!!! 


Same here I think you have to subscribe to certain hd channels

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Sky demand keeps disconnecting cannot reset 


I have been having trouble with my on demand since last year not working I have tried everything 

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My on demand is not working, this coinsides with the HD light has gone from my router, i presume we are being trapped into spending more money.