Planner cannot be rebuilt in Diskless Mode

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If you have an issue recording or downloading a programme, the chances are you've tried to complete a Planner Rebuild


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If you then see this message, "Planner cannot be rebuilt in Diskless Mode" it's because the Sky box is having difficulties accessing the hard drive. The two steps which are most likely to resolve this issue are; a Power Reset and Full System Reset. If neither of these work you may need a replacement Sky box. 


Sky+HD.png Power Reset


  • Pop your Sky box on standby
  • Turn off the power to your Sky box.
  • After a few moments turn the power back on
    • Give your Sky+HD box approx. 4 mins before taking it out of Standby

Once your Sky box is back up and running, check to see if the original issue has been resolved, if not try the next step.



Full System Reset


As a last resort, you can complete a Full System Reset. This will permanently delete all recordings, downloads, reminders and series links, which you'll lose anyway if the box is replaced.


  • Press Services on your Sky remote.
  • Press 0,0,1, Select (Setup should be highlighted)
  • Scroll to System Reset, press Select
  • A confirmation banner will appear, press Select to continue.
    • Give your Sky+HD box approx. 4 mins before taking it out of Standby

The chances are everything is working as it should be, so let's re-add those series links Smiley Happy


For further help with your Sky+ box just head over to the Sky+ community and join the discussion. 

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I joined Sky in 2011 and haven't looked back since! I am passionate about helping others and all things Sport. My favourite TV show changes all the time, but I bought The West Wing Box Set from Sky Store, which I regularly re-watch.

I have recently had to re-set my Sky HD box following a "diskless error"; I used the front panle re-set procedure from an earlier blog; the re-fromating has now been running for 14 hours and still going .  does anyone know how long this should take? 

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Hi @EPRed,


From start to finish, a front panel reset normally takes around 5 minutes (ish) to complete.

For further advice from Community members, post your questions in the Sky+ Community. Smiley Happy


Hi Mark, what about the re-formtting time?

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Hi @EPRed,


What specifically is happening?

Is your box stuck in standby?

What lights are visible on your Sky+HD box? Smiley Happy


Included within the approximate 5 minutes timescale i mentioned was...

Once the reset has completed, your Sky box will go into standby.

After 2-3 minutes, you should press the Sky button to take your Sky box out of standby.

Your box will start on automatically start on channel 998.

You should find all recordings/planned recordings have been permanently deleted.


Sma problem here....did the format and now downloading from on demand takes forever.  Ot cool sky...not cool...considering i pay over £100 a month....

I am so upset we’ve lost all our films and recorded programs, my children were on tv last year and now we’ve lost it.... and all

our series!! To make it worse 10days for an engineer 😡😡

Don't know if I post this in the right area,

Just cancelled my sky + subscription due to job loss, it ends on 13th December.  


1. Will I get any sky programmes if so what will I get

2. What's this £25.00 card all about

I know I will lose any and all recorded programmes and will not be able to record anymore, sob sob but just cannot justify the monthly subscription as specially with all the repeats, and some programmes are just too blood thirsty that I don't find entertaining.  

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The Power Reset and Full System Reset are not working is their a something else I can try before call for an engineer or buying a new box

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Following these steps, the recommended next step would be to replace the Sky box.


Thanks for you help all worked this end full system reset.


Thanks Mark-Br - I got the diskless mode error yesterday.

I had to do the system reset, but at least the planner is now back working again, albeit empty of recordings.


I had a problem with the wifi connection. I rang sky and asked for a new wifi box. The engineer said he would run through some things first. One of theses was a planner rebuild even though there was nothing wrong with the planner. I questioned this and said I'm not going to lose all of the recordings - over 3 pages. He said no it won't. And its now saying Diskless Mode and looks like I've lost everything............


I need help in restoring the planner as it was !!!


Following on from my post on 20th June, I started to have recording problems about a month later, followed by programme guide slowing to a crawl, etc. System & factory reset both failed to cure. Eventually bit the bullet and moved to Sky-Q with 2Tb box.


Hi I have no access to my Planner or Catch Up programmes! Having tried the Sky+ rebuild and had the diskless mode error, and no result with the system rebuild, I have accepted that I will need to get another SkyHD+ box. Not in a financial position to move to Sky Q yet so am looking for a second hand box. Is there a particular model I should be looking for or just the newest one on the market? Thanks in advance!